The Africa RHP regional chapter is committed to helping the local church and communities faced with refugee and internally displaced people groups on major highways, as a result of ongoing and post conflicts in parts of Africa ( e.g. South Sudan and  Abyei region of Sudan,  Sahel Region,  Horn Africa faced with all forms of humanitarian crisis).

The Africa regional chapter facilitates and supports the formation of national and regional teams (i.e. in  Eastern and  Horn of Africa, Central, Southern and West Africa sub-regions), to address issues and challenges affecting refugees and the internally displaced communities due to the effects of conflicts and other natural and human-made disasters prone in Africa (and globally).
 Recognizing the fact that there are many causes why thousands of people are desperate and sometimes forced to flee or be uprooted from their homes, and therefore end up as refugees or internally displaced, the Africa RHP chapter analyzes and documents the causes of violent conflicts and effects on fleeing communities, mobilizes and inform partners, explores strategies, develops programs, collaborates and networks with willing relief and development partners locally and globally.

Sub-regional teams are there to assist and empower churches and communities in situations of violence and post-conflict, and to help affected groups respond effectively to any future or current crisis.

United and engaged in effective refugee ministry so that more refugees and internally displaced people groups are served in situations of violence or post conflicts in Africa.

To analyze, mobilize and empower the local church for holistic ministry service so that more refugees and internally displaced groups are served in Africa.

The African regional strategy is presently shaped by the following priorities:

TEAM:  To focus first on developing a strong RHP regional team based in Uganda.
SCALING:  To begin regionally networking in East Africa Great Lakes Region, and expand further across Africa only when that has been established.
QUICK WINS:  To deliver early, quick wins and services that are simple yet significant. One of the first will be a directory of refugee stakeholders in East Africa.
SUSTAINABLE:  To develop a plan to be sustained in budget and personnel from within Africa within two years.
ADVOCACY:  To represent to the rest of the world the unique issues and challenges of refugees in Africa.

What to Pray for:

1. The situations of violent and post conflicts in the Horn of Africa (Somalia . Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somaliland), South Sudan, Sudan (Abyei and Darfur Regions) , Cote D’Ivoire, North Africa (Libya and Egypt), Eastern Africa  ( Kenya, Uganda);

2. God’s provision of human and financial resources needed to enable the Africa team to implement its action plans over the 2012-2014 period.
3. The Africa RHP regional facilitators and teams of volunteers: protection, good health, and personal and ministry support.

4. Peace in the conflict and post-conflict areas (Sudan, Eritrea, Uganda, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote D’Ivoire etc.).

5. The refugee and internally displaced communities affected by the ongoing effects of climatic changes in Somalia, Somaliland, Along the borders of Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Cote D’Ivoire, Tunisia, Libya, South Sudan, Sudan, and Egypt.