south asia

The South Asia Network is all about networking and partnering. Churches and organization capacity is developed through working together and pooling resources. Working with displaced people demands resources, energy and skills that may not be available at a congregational level. Building the capacity of Churches also involves helping them to identify and share resources that are available locally. Partnership can also be encouraged internationally within the region whenever the need arises. The database, seminars and annual regional meetings will facilitate such partnerships.

The networking strategies were prioritised as a way to link various players in the region to enable them to effectively help displaced people. Networking is also about raising awareness within the regions, Churches and communities about the issues facing displaced people and their role in supporting them. None of the countries in the region of South Asia is a signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention or the 1967 Protocol. Neither do these countries address the problem of refugees through domestic legislation or procedures.

Building the capacity of churches to support displaced people involves encouraging congregational members to give resources, money, skills and time, to such projects. Within South Asia there are vast resources within the Churches that could be utilized to meet the needs of displaced people. The South Asia Network is committed to help Churches see holistic mission as part of their role in society. Through awareness raising campaigns and getting Churches involved in working with displaced people the SARHN aims also to awaken the Church to her calling and all that God can do through her. The coordinating team in each country will be committed to envision and train Church leaders so that they can involve their Churches.

Photocredit: Pexels