This winter millions of people from Ukraine to Afghanistan and across the Middle East are facing the impossible task of choosing between food or heating. UNHCR, which is the UN Refugee Agency, has warned that for many who have been forced to flee due to ongoing war, this winter will be more challenging than in recent years. The struggle to find warm clothes, cook hot meals and find ways to heat their shelters will be an everyday challenge.

An RHP partner working in Jordan had the following story to share:

I went to visit a refugee family who were ISIS survivors from Iraq. There was a baby crying. So I went to see where the baby was. I found a five-day old baby. I saw one of those hairdryers that you use to blow dry your hair with. An old, dusty blow dryer. They had been blow drying his body. When I asked them why, what’s going on? They said that he was freezing and the only thing they were able to afford was this used blow dryer that they could use to blow dry his little body.’

But we can help. Refugee Highway Partnership, which is a global network of individuals, churches and organizations reaching out to refugees along the most common paths that refugees travel, was formed around the idea that together us regular Christians could make an impact in the lives of those who are forcibly displaced from their homes and countries.

Within our networks we know people all along the highway from the Middle East to Eastern Europe who are working on the ground helping to feed, clothe and support the forcibly displaced this winter. These organisations are best positioned to know what the people they are serving need as the cold sets in. We have the privilege of being able to highlight some of these organizations below and provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the valuable work they are doing and to consider donating towards their needs this winter. When donating, please highlight your donation as “RHP Winter Appeal”. For any further enquiries, please feel free to contact the organisations directly.